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The Intersection of Trauma and Homelessness

Kevin Sullivan EDITED.jpg


Kevin Sullivan, MD

Physician with Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program’s Street Team

Course Description:


Individuals who are homeless are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Tied into that vulnerability is a distrust of systems that have sometimes treated them poorly. This training is meant to address some of the causes of homelessness that might affect how patients view us, so that as service providers we can better support our most vulnerable patients

The core of the talk will work to help attendees better appreciate the complexity of homelessness in order to help frame a compassionate approach to those suffering by addressing the following:


  • Burden of medical and behavioral health issues borne by the chronically homeless
  • Relationship between trauma and homelessness – cause, context, and consequence
  • Pervasiveness of trauma in society, and its correlation with health
  • Trauma informed care practice, harm reduction philosophy, and motivational interviewing techniques
  • Application of trauma informed care practices in service of homeless persons
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