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Physical Distancing and Social Isolation: A Crisis Response



Mary Curlew, LICSW

Community Education and Training Specialist, Jewish Family & Children’s Service

Course Description:


As rates of COVID-19 infection and deaths in the US have surged, communities have had to respond with restrictions on social interactions and face-to-face contact without protective equipment. This has resulted in renewed concerns about the impact of social isolation on both the mental and physical health of our most vulnerable populations. This training presentation will explore these emerging issues.

Watch the short overview video below.

Course Objectives Include:

1.    Identify the negative impacts of social isolation on an older adult’s physical and mental health.

2.   Learn effective ways to address social isolation, build
      resilience and encourage wellness in older adult   

3.  Plan for ways to modify creatively these interventions to
     address the need to protect from both infection and social    



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