Psychopharmacology 101:

An Introduction to Mental Health Medications

Course hours 1.5                   CEU Credits 1.5


Presenter, Kristina Schnitzer, MD

Kristina Schnitzer, MD is a Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital within Public and Community Psychiatry.  Her clinical interests and research focus on improving health outcomes and quality of life for individuals living with serious mental illness.

Course Description:


This course provides a foundational framework for understanding psychiatric medication classes, their characteristics, and their potential indications in treatment of various psychiatric disorders, thus allowing for a more nuanced, informed, and personalized approach in interacting with and counseling patients. 

Watch the short overview video below.

Course Objectives Include:

1) Psychosis – What it is and also what it is not.

2) Identifying psychiatric and medical conditions that can cause psychosis.

3) Clinical vignettes as examples about how psychosis can present with various conditions.

4) Practical strategies around how to best help somebody who is experiencing psychosis.

3) Understanding the strategies to involve parents in youth substance use treatment