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    90 Minutes

    Motivational Interviewing
    1.5 CEU

    Motivational Interviewing skills have been shown to increase treatment/care engagement and retention, and they can be particularly useful in the beginning stages of counseling and helping relationships. While this training will focus on the use of MI skills in the care of persons living with substance use disorders, the underlying principles of care can very much be used in other types of helping relationships that involve rather different types of change. 
    Upon taking the course, attendees will better understand:
    • Key principles of Motivational Interviewing (MI)
    • Stages through which people move when contemplating and planning for change.
    • Skills for recognizing what stage of readiness people are in when they present for help.
    • Strategies for effectively working with and leveraging people's readiness for change.
    • Person-specific factors to be considered when tailoring MI interventions.
    • Role-play scripts that can be used in counseling and helping relationships.

    Presenter: Steve Chisholm
    Steven Chisholm, MA is a Professor and Addiction Program Coordinator of North Shore Community College's Drug and Alcohol Programs in Lynn, Massachusetts
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